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The 4th Annual

October 2, 2011

Welcome to another afternoon of entertainment produced by the World Water Rescue Foundation ( and Good News Broadcast (

Phil Sauers (WWRF) and Paul Sladkus (GNB) once again have teamed up to bring our annual Water Not Weapons Day to the historic Frying Pan Pier on the Hudson River at West 26th Street in New York City.
WHY:   For an afternoon of FUN & MUSIC with lots of friends of Pete Seeger.

DATE: Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011 - 2pm to 4:30pm
Pier opens at noon for LUNCH
Menu -> http://www.pier66maritime,com/BarGrill.html


LOCATION: Frying Pan Pier ->

Peter Seeger sings and talks at our "1st Annual Water Not Weapons Day"

Previous Good News News Broadcast / World Water Rescue Foundation production were:

A celebration for the 3rd Annual Water Not Weapons Day was put together by the World Water Rescue Foundation ( and Good News Broadcast (
Phil Sauers (WWRF) and Paul Sladkus (GNB) once again teamed up to bring a momentus event to the stage on the historic Frying Pan Pier in New York City. We will update this site with announcements about new productions as they unfold. In the meantime, we invite you to visit the Water Not Weapons website and please become a friend on our super popular Water Not Weapons MySpace.

The 3rd Annual Water Not Weapons Day
DATE: Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010
1pm to 5pm - Pier opens at noon

LOCATION: "Frying Pan" PIER 66 in Manhattan at the end of West 26th St.
on the Hudson River ->


WHY: To devote a day in tribute to Reid Stowe and the "Schooner Anne" upon their return to
the "Frying Pan Pier" after setting a new world record for the "Longest Voyage" by sailing 1,152 days non-stop at sea ->

ENTERTAINMENT: An afternoon of MUSIC with lots of friends of our Honoree:

Mr. Reid Stowe
"Weathered" Guest:
The "Schooner Anne" will be there too !!

The Blue Revolution Benefit for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina...
Please download Java(tm).

NEW YORK: A continued relief effort for Hurricane Katrina will be sponsored by GOOD NEWS BROADCAST(GNB) & WORLD WATER RESCUE FOUNDATION (WWRF) on September 13, at 7pm-4AM on Pier 63. All donations go to the Salvation Army Katrina effort, Major Hodgson to attend.

An evening of entertainment is planned featuring the USO Troupe, Legendary Intruders (Cowboys to Girls, I'll Always Love My Mama, When We Get Married). Many major celebrities are expected to attend.


PIER 63 in Manhattan is at the end of West 23rd St. / Westside Highway on the Hudson River. One pier north of the Chelsea Piers Sports & Ent. Complex.


ENTERTAINMENT: AS OF 9/8 4PM New Seminary Interfaith Invocation, USO Troupe, Legendary Intruders, Guy Davis (Son of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee), David Ippolito (That Central Park Guitar Man) The Accidentals, Broadway Leading Performers, Gemma and Deaf Choir, Missy Galore, David Peel & the Lower East Side, Gil-T (Laura Niro's Son), Mentalizer Ehud Sergev, Quarin, World Island, Harlem Writers Guild Reading, C&C Entertainment/Club Getaway Dancers, Blacksmith, Victoria Baker/Opera, Second Look, Cort Corbin, Pamela Peeters, Cecilia St. King, DJ PM/ Southern Rock and Cajun Music, along with Mr. Pete Seeger's Blessing and dancing all night long. More to come!

* Blue Revolution term comes from UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's statement entitled, WORLD'S WATER PROBLEMS CAN BE 'CATALYST FOR COOPERATION.'

SALVATION ARMY - When emergencies occur and disaster strikes, whether internationally, nationally or locally, The Salvation Army goes into action! In the wake of what is being called one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States, The Salvation Army has launched one of the largest emergency disaster services relief efforts in our organization's history. And, frankly, The Salvation Army needs the partnership of Good News Corporation and its listeners. An update follows, both nationally and locally, about The Salvation Army's work in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Currently, The Salvation Army is providing relief to residents and first responders in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, New Orleans, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama. Additional Salvation Army mobile food units, called canteens, are staged in surrounding areas and are, and have been, prepared to be deployed to other affected areas once emergency personnel determine it is safe. More than 250 Salvation Army Officers and volunteers are providing aid from these canteens, which, today, number 100 with more planned to be deployed from Salvation Army offices throughout the nation. Additionally, The Salvation Army has staged its two 54-foot mobile kitchens in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama. At present, The Salvation Army is serving 5,000 meals per day from its canteens and 20,000 meals per day from its mobile kitchens. However, The Salvation Army is prepared to serve 500,000 meals per day.

World Water Rescue Foundation (WWRF), founded in 2000, is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to protecting and preserving the world's water resources and ensuring the fundamental right of access to safe drinking water for all people. David Carradine, world renowned actor, is the International spokesperson for the WWRF.

Good News Broadcast (GNB), founded in 1998, is a 501-C3 Corporation with a mission to find, receive, create and broadcast to the world, life-affirming, thought-provoking, educational news, entertainment and events; content that is non-violent, non-sectarian, non-political. We elicit the positive side of news from the World's public, media and journalists that generate compelling domestic and international stories. Hosts for the evening: Paul Sladkus, Glenn Brown, Aaron Peta, Major Carter.

Special Thanks to: S.I.R. Entertainment Services & Pier 63 Maritime
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